Discover Zeeland, your way

Time for Zeeland: the magnificent coastal province that gives you the freedom to discover all of its treasures, your way; whether that is on foot, by bike or on the water. The choice is yours.

We can recommend the regional FIKS Network which has been developed using signposted routes covering more than one thousand kilometres of numbered roads, footpaths, cycle routes, mountain-bike trails and bridleways. This is most certainly one of the best ways of exploring Zeeland’s glorious countryside, picturesque sights and cultural heritage.

Plan your own route around Zeeland using the FIKS Network.

Cycling country

Are you looking for a complete cycling holiday or just a relaxing day out on your bike? Find out for yourself why Zeeland is the most popular province for cycling in the Netherlands. The region’s FIKS Cycle Network is an easy and efficient way of exploring the province’s various landscapes and seascapes, as well as its culture and remarkable history.

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A walker´s wonderland

Finding your way around Zeeland on foot is easy. Let your GPS system show you the way, or follow the carefully-selected footpaths and roads of the region’s Walking Network. It’s the ideal way of wandering around Zeeland’s countryside. The Walking Network has clearly numbered and signposted routes for pleasant walks along the province´s vast and breath-taking coastline, its lovely agricultural landscape, quaint village squares and on into its many old and tranquil harbours.

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Mountain bike trails

The mountain bike trails in Zeeland are exciting and challenging. There are sandy tracks, mud tracks and more than enough opportunity for getting dirty. In fact there is a broad network of trails that take you on and off road. In Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, there is even a trail that takes you over the border into Belgium. This mountain bike network crosses from East and West Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen and West-Vlaanderen) and on into Flemish Brabant (Vlaams Brabant).

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Why not try exploring Zeeland on horseback or in a horse-drawn cart. The region´s network of bridleways is suitable for gentle canters through picturesque villages as well as more energetic gallops through the countryside. Either way, the bridleways will take you and your horse to some of Zeeland’s most beautiful spots.

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Exploring Zeeland´s waterways

Explore Zeeland from the water. There are streams, canals, creeks, lakes and rivers and of course the sea! Zeeland has so many different kinds of waterways that it’s time to get out there and experience it for yourselves. Have you ever tried canoeing, sailing or a relaxing cruise on a sloop? Well you´ll find sailing routes in Zeeland to suit experienced sea-farers as well as beginners.

Come and find out about sailing in Zeeland!

Exciting inline skating routes

Flat terrain and smooth tarmac for skating at speed in combination with the region´s magnificent landscape makes Zeeland perfect for inline skating. The province has a number of special inline skating routes that take you along the coast and through the countryside. There are short routes, long-distance routes, easy, challenging and accessible routes; in other words, there is something for everybody. An exciting way to explore the area!

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Zeeland’s route specialists

Whether you choose to explore Zeeland by bike, on foot, on a mountain bike, inline skates, skates, canoe or horse, Zeeland has an amazing number of routes to choose from. These routes are looked after by a specialist bureau called Routebureau Zeeland, part of Promotie Zeeland Delta. The bureau is responsible for providing information about Zeeland´s recreational infrastructure and for its promotion, management and maintenance etc..

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